How To Customize Your Own Capsule House When Buying From A Manufacturer?

In today’s world, the appeal of capsule houses is on a notable rise due to their innovative design, efficiency, and minimal environmental footprint. These compact living spaces offer a unique solution for personal sanctuaries or commercial ventures.

When purchasing a capsule house from a manufacturer, tailoring it to fit one’s tastes and needs involves several critical steps. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to customize your own capsule house.

Some Critical Steps You Need To Know When Customizing A Capsule House

Determine the Purpose

Initiating the process of customizing a capsule house requires a clear understanding of its purpose. The approach to personalizing a capsule house for private enjoyment—a serene escape in coastal or mountainous regions—varies greatly from its adaptation for commercial ventures, like the creation of a capsule hotel. Capsule homes intended for personal spaces allow for adjustments based on personal preferences, with a concentration on comfort and individual style. In contrast, commercial capsule houses require consideration of broader appeal to cater to a wider range of guests.

Calculate Shipping Costs and Duties

Upon selecting the type and number of capsule houses, it’s crucial to calculate the shipping costs and duties. Providing the manufacturer with the destination and the nearest port is essential since pre-assembled capsule houses are shipped using large containers. Moreover, understanding the tariffs for importing such structures into your country or region is imperative to avoid unforeseen expenses.

Quotation, Advance Payment, and Production

Once all the specifics are ironed out, especially regarding delivery fees and import duties, the producer provides a detailed quotation reflecting the aggregate price. The process of crafting your capsule house begins with an initial payment, which is typically 50% of the quoted cost, and the outstanding half is expected to be paid before the house is shipped out. Manufacturers typically complete the production of capsule houses within 25 days post-deposit, promising delivery in about a month.

Receipt of Goods and Installation

Once the capsule house arrives at the designated port, it must be transported to its final location. Professional installers are necessary to ensure the house is correctly set up, including the connections for water and electricity. With professional assistance, you can assure that your capsule house is ready for use, whether it’s for enjoying personal moments or welcoming guests in a commercial setting.

Additional Customization Tips

Beyond the basic steps, personalizing a capsule house involves keen attention to layout, material choice, interior décor, and technological enhancements to match the owner’s lifestyle and preferences:

  • Layout and Design: Considering daily routines and space utility, choose a layout that efficiently separates or combines living areas as per requirement.
  • Material Selection: Opt for sustainable materials not only for their minimal environmental impact but also for their aesthetic value. The choice significantly affects the house’s energy efficiency and overall vibe.
  • Interior Design: Maximizing space with multifunctional furniture and smart storage solutions while selecting color schemes and textures that reflect one’s style can transform a capsule house into a home.
  • Technology Integration: Implementing smart home technologies for lighting, temperature control, security, and entertainment can elevate the living experience, making it more comfortable and convenient.


Customizing a capsule house from a manufacturer is a journey that beautifully blends practicality with innovation. By considering the purpose, managing logistics like shipping and installation, and personalizing the design and features, you can create a capsule house that perfectly suits your lifestyle, whether as a personal hideaway or a novel commercial venture. With professional guidance from manufacturers and attention to detail, the result is a specialized, efficient, and sustainable living space that stands as a testament to modern ingenuity in housing.



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