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Ceramic murals

muralsprocess.jpgMural processes

The process of making a mural:

The making of a mural involves a process of discussions with the organisation that commissions the work so that we reach a clear understanding the aims of the organisation and are able to produce a representative mural.

Once the concept for the mural is finalised it is then divided into tessellating tile pieces of different shapes and sizes to fit with the lines of the concept design.

The divided concept is then transferred onto a transparent sheet which is used as a template for the tile pieces.

The tiles are made by hand in clay using texture and relief and are then fired in our woodfired kiln at temperatures of (850ºC-950ºC) in order to bisque the pieces.

The bisqued mural is then laid out and the process of preparing and applying the glaze colours begins.

The glazed pieces are then fired in our woodfired kiln at temperatures of (950ºC-1180ºC) in order to melt the glazes.

The mural is then packed up and transported to the site. We then install the completed mural at the site.


Examples of Murals:

Sunset point Labyrinth Studio Silvepura

Hindustan Lever Factory Daman

Malya Aditi International School Yelahanka

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