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Thinking and Doing Science

A two day professional development programme for teachers of science from primary and middle and secondary school levels.

science workshop

We are delighted to have begun a new programme of training activities for teachers from schools here in India. The programme is entitled: "thinking and doing science". The first session ran in early October with teachers from HSV and KVM schools Tamil Nadu.

Each session is arranged at the request of a school cluster or foundation, so please contact us if you are keen on organising and sending a group of your staff for one of these programmes.

Each programme will be created and adapted to suit the needs of the staff body arranging the programme and attending, but the process will be based around the structure below:

The two day programme begins with a discussion about ‘what is science?’, which then develops into 'what is the scientific enquiry process?', and  'how do our brains develop as we think and learn?'

Finally we discuss-  ‘how do we practically develop scientific thinking in children?’.

The training session then looks at:

a)       Techniques of how you can create practical curriculum-linked scientific experiments using simple found-objects and home materials

b)       How to use an enquiry approach whilst doing these practical activities in order to develop scientific thinking within children.

The teachers share ideas about how to practically do this, and are encouraged to develop their own ideas and demonstrations.

The training is hands on, participatory and will require fully active and enthusiastic involvement from all the members of staff!

The programme usually lasts for two days so teachers stay with us for the night, and groups in the past have very much enjoyed an evening bonfire.

Please do be in touch via our regular mail address for information about these programmes and how to send your teachers for this programme.

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