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Research Study visit - Oxford Brookes University.

13th - 27th January 2018


Student programmes

Dates: 13th  - 27nd January 2018

About this research visit: Since 2011 the Department of History, Philosophy and Religion at Oxford Brookes have been running a two week optional study visit to Sangam study centre, outside Bangalore, India.

Background: The visit emerged from Oxford Brookes' 2010 "Yatra" project, which explored learning and travelling as a transformative process, creating e-learning resources and online learning objects. Read article: Enchancing electronic and embodied leaning experiences

The process: In the previous 6 years we have taken students from across the faculty. During the study visit process the students undertake research projects that some of them use as the basis for independent studies, or dissertations, special topics or research topics modules.

The group of selected students will travel to Bangalore in South India, and stay for two weeks at the Sangam centre, a rural education centre on the outskirts of the City.

The programme: During the time in India you will be exposed to a whole range of  experiences which will enable you to define and focus in on a personal area of study. Depending on where your area of study emerges you can be provided with experiences which will inform and enhance that study. You will look at changing urban and rural settlements, be introduced to the changing cultural and religious traditions of the area, explore the history and change of the diverse religious groupings of the area, explore the changing enthography of the area and discuss the geopolitics that is affecting and driving this change.

Activities: There are very many options of outings and activities to inform these areas of study:Visits and excursions to temples, shrines and holy mountains, a three day excursion to Hampi an ancient city of Hindu rulers, visits to schools, urban and rural farming market areas, Bangalore City, and explorations of the agricultural area that you will be staying in; including walks, drives and cycle rides through villages, to local lakes and farms. All the excursions and outings will be interwoven with introductory talks, explanations of what you are seeing, opportunities to ask questions and time for reflectiona nd furuther discussions. You will be provided with reading materials before and throughout the whole process to enable you to explore your area of research further.

Outcomes, Products and Testimonials:

The study trip has been very valuable addition to student experience. The visit and student research work - subsequently exhibited by them at the Undergraduate Research conference - was highly successful. Topics ranged from colonialism in 19th C India, Women in Indian politics, Changing political representations and uses of Hanuman, Indian Ashrams, Images of wholeness in Christian Indian Art.

Watch Lafita Al-Boinin's video on Thresholds in South India.

Have a look at the University UG Research conference pages and student testimonials:

Rajeev Rahela at the Undergraduate Research Conference

Jo Kendall at the Undergraduate Research Conference"

Where are you staying: Our centre “Sangam”: Our centre is very rural and outdoorsy. You will be sharing rooms in threes, and sharing outside bathrooms and toilets so it will be an experience of simple, shared, outdoor living.  But we do have electricity, flush lavatories, solar heated showers, fans in each room, nets on each bed, you can use our washing machine during your time with us and we have wifi connection. Please check the rest of our website for details about what we do and where you will be coming to for that time.


We will be sending you through a comprehensive preparation pack which includes: An introduction from Sangam, kit lists, travel advice, medical advice, visa information, a plan for the time in India and contacts sheet for whilst you are in India.

Please check the rest of this site for information about where you will be coming to, and check this page for updates and information as we develop this coming years programme.

For further information please e-mail:

Please do contact us here at Sangam for any queries.

We are looking forward to your visit and to meeting you all.

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