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Teaching materials and activities about a changing village in South India.

This is an enquiry based observation activity which suggests a way that visiting teachers can gather information about our village in order to inform a comparative study. Silvepura is a changing village and therefore is in microcosm representative of what is happening to India as a whole.


A snapshot of a City

This is a set of information and activities which explore the life and change in the developing city of Bangalore.


Raji’s bag

A school bag artifact resource pack which looks for clues about Raji’s life in Silvepura through the contents of her school bag. Includes suggested teaching materials and a CD of images.



This is an enquiry based activity which focuses on the use of images to explore the changing and complex issue of water in our area


Sustainable Scrap Science

A booklet with a set of activities for delivering science in schools where resources are limited. This project was initiated in 2004 when we began working with local primary schools. Initially the project developed a resource bank of activities which could enable activity based science learning to take place in a school situation where resources are limited. The project then developed with the encouragement of visiting teachers to Sangam, and the project was funded through DIFID to develop into a schools linking project, and schools in the UK joined the project. A weblog was formed for sharing ideas and activities with linked schools from other parts of the world. There are currently 24 schools assigned to the project. Sangam continues to co-ordinates the Indian end of the project. :

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