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Residencies at Sangam

The residency programme provides a quiet space for working independently for from two weeks to up to three months, in a rural location near Bangalore in South India.


The residencies at Sangam are designed for individuals or groups of people looking for a space for the development of a project, where they have the opportunity to explore and interact with our changing developing locality.

The residency programme:

The programme will be mutually co-ordinated in advance to suit the needs of each individual and their work. The residencies will offer:

  • Space for independent work.
  • Opportunities to coordinate with us and bring a group of colleagues and artists who will collaborate together.
  • Opportunities to experiment and work with local materials.
  • A chance to connect and interact with new ideas and concepts relevant to the locality, its cultural traditions and changing contemporary context with interpretation.
  • Opportunities to link with and develop working relationships with others sharing common interests.
  • Possibilities of programmed lectures, presentations, developed to support the interests of the individuals in each residency and their work.
  • Opportunities to explore Bangalore.
  • Explorations and cycle rides into our local context.
  • The option of being quite solitary if this is what you would like.
  • Community activities based at our space: Gardening, Cookery, Art activities.
  • Interactions with local schools and communities.
  • The option to present and discuss your work in progress and to work alone or together towards an exhbition.


The challenge and the strength of this programme is that the participants will have to move away from the comfort of their own spaces and contexts, and will be encouraged as participants to engage with and observe another locality and community. We believe that this process offers rich ground for new insights into both familiar and unknown territories, and a possibility of much creative dialogue.

Who should apply:

  • Visual artists
  • Writers,
  • Professionals taking a sabbatical,
  • Gap year students with a focussed project
  • Creative people working in new genres

of any age, from any part of the world.


Groups of up to 20 people who would like to work together on a collaborative project and are looking for a space where they can have the time to focus on this project together.

It would be most interesting if your work focuses around these themes: Engagement with socially, environmentally or educationally relevant ideas, explorations of the rural locality and its changing and traditional cultural context, Bangalore city and its development, or inter-disciplinary art forms. We can then support your ideas, and form a programme which develops your work through interpretation, discussion, presentations and reviews.


The Land was set up in 1984 as a space for creative people to come to, in order to engage in collaborative and individual projects. Through its history we have welcomed diverse individuals and groups who have stayed for residencies of varying lengths of time.

The facilities are designed to enable people to have the space and opportunity to develop and realise their projects, and includes open studio areas, spacious living accommodation, and a large garden with much space for working outdoors.

Sangam’s work is to develop an understanding of the context of our locality within the changing global context. We collaborate, share and have interactions with the local community and with a community of people interested in issues of social, creative and cultural exploration working in Bangalore.


Applicants are invited to rite to us with ideas as to which dates you would like to plan your residency.

Your project may only take two weeks, one month, or require that you stay for a full three months, we therefore co-ordinate with each applicant to establish the details of the dates and duration of each individuals stay.

NB: We have regular rolling programmes with students and universities so we often become fully booked at certain times of the year, so please do contact us well in advance as soon as you know your ideal dates and how many people you are bringing for the residency process.


Silvepura- A semi-rural village on the outskirts of Bangalore, which is a very cosmopolitan city with an eclectic mix of tradition and modernity, in Southern India.

Logistics- what is offered:

  • 15 rooms in single, twin or doubles, some which are very spacious and can be used as dorms.
  • 3 meals a day- with as far as possible organic food grown in our garden.
  • A large common space which is shared with the other members of the residency.
  • Shared external bathrooms and lavatories.
  • Kitchen facilities.
  • Studio spaces.
  • Ceramic facilities including an electric wheel.
  • Garden spaces for working in the open, and for interaction and communal gathering.
  • wifi internet connectivity.
  • Small Library.
  • Laundry facilities.
  • Cycles.

What is expected of the participants/ groups in advance:

  • Submission of a project proposal of approximately 500 words- detailing what you would like to do whilst staying with us, and with-whom you would like to work, whether it is an individual programme of work or a group project. We can then work with you to develop and facilitate a programme of activities/ lecture series/ opportunities which can develop that proposal and meet your needs.
  • Resumes of the people involved.
  • Link to an online portfolio or website if available.
  • Details of the dates and duration that you would wish to stay.
  • Details of any special requirements- personally and in relation to their work.


The outcome: This depends on you:

  • The residency can end with an open studio or exhibition.
  • A document could be submitted which can be shared.



The costs involved will depend on the programme that you request, your interests and required transport needs , and we will give details of the costs for accommodation, expeditions and activities once we have been in contact and have discussed your programme.

Practicalities and support:

  • If travelling from abroad Sangam can offer advice on travel in India, can send kit lists, and other practical advice in order to support your preparation.
  • Sangam will extend all possible practical and technical support, but applicants should be aware that circumstances could be different in India, and should be ready and able to adapt and deal creatively with potential challenges with resources and materials.
  • We encourage that those travelling from abroad do spend time exploring India more widely, but we ask that this is done before or after the residential programme with us.


For information and to apply:

Please contact us and send your enquiry or application at least one month before you wish to arrive, and if at all possible six months before your travel!  We will then contact you within a week to discuss your application and to organise your programme.

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