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Introductions to Indian religious culture


Hinduism and it’s principle deities

This begins with a talk which introduces the concepts associated with Hindusim and where the term “hindu” came from, it then examines a series of images of the main deities looking at their most common forms and what symbols they are associated with. It may also combine with an excursion to a temple to look at these deities in context.

Folk symbols and festivals in South India.

This session illustrates and explains something of the traditional religious symbols which are important for this area, and will look at the way in which the different festivals through the year are celebrated in our locality. It will involve a cycle ride or drive around our area where you will see examples of the folk symbols and shrines where these rituals and celebrations happen.  If you are lucky your visit may overlap with one of these festivals.

Indian symbols and archetypes in the Indian religions.

This is a session which looks at the symbols and archetypes which are to be found within the religions of India. This session will be pitched at the level of interest of the group, and will be coordinated in advance. This session may be combined with a group art activity to explore the mandala more personally.

Mandalas- a group art activity.

This activity looks at how the Mandala is used in eastern traditions, and explains the process of making a mandala as a group artistic activity.

Festivals in pictures:

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