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Art and craft courses of activities

These art and craft courses of activities are created specifically for students, children’s groups, or teacher training sessions - However they can also incorporated into other programmes:


Art and Craft skills

This set of activities involves learning how to use bamboo, paper, string, wood, and cloth to develop skills of precision, manipulation, creativity. Each of these skills usually involves a morning or evening activity or it can be extended to involve a full day of activities:

Creating lamps and kandhils using bamboo and paper
Creating 3 dimensional geometric objects from paper
Macrame bracelets and belt making using string
Painting from imagination
Sculpture using plaster-of-paris and wire
Drawing from observation
Painting and collaborative murals
The mandala- a group activity using natural materials for reflection on a journey
Woodwork and carving

Clay skills- Clay activities in Pictures.

a)Learning to manipulate clay with the hands- pinching, coiling, balling, slabbing, and throwing techniques.

b)Learning to join clay effectively.

c)Learning to use clay as a medium- for creating abstract sculptures or figurative models.

d)Learning to use clay as a medium for making practical vessels: Pots, bowls and boxes.

e)Developing a creative capacity to design and make individual sculptures or tiles.

f)Learning to fire a simple kiln in order to bake them dry.

g) Simple glaze techniques.

Towards the end of the programme the participants would be asked to create a set of pieces which illustrates what they have learned, using their new skills and their own creative ideas. We can then assess the developing skills, their concentration, precision, skill of manipulation of the clay, at joining and edging, and their creative capacity.

Installations in the landscape- Installations in Pictures.

This course involves looking at contemporary installations using natural materials and found objects, and discussions about these art works. The course then develops into activities of developing concepts and ideas through the use of natural matuerlas and finishes in a display of each person’s or group’s installation.

Creative learning from the outdoors

This is a process of using the outdoors to explore creatively and using the senses. It begins with activities which involve searching for colours, smells, texture, and sounds in the garden. Each activity involves a personal sensory exploration of the garden, which culminates in expression of experience through creative writing skills and writing Haiku’s. The process can then continue to look at the minibeasts found in the garden, and creating their own minibeasts from clay, scavenging and creating name plates and organic sculptures through found objects. The process can also involve treasure hunts, a walk and a picnic, making dens, and team challenges.

Indian art, modern art

This is a process of lectures and discussions, looking at exemplary images of both art forms and the option of a visit to the MGMA Bangalore. It looks at how does Indian art relate to and is incorporated into modern art.



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