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Learning from enquiry- teaching and learning development activities.

Simple science from waste/ Thinking and Doing Science


This has developed from a long term project called sustainable scrap science, which worked on thinking about how can we use waste objects and simple household materials to explore and illustrate scientific concepts. The process involves scientific thinking, questioning and enquiry.

The session will begin with a discussion about ‘what is science?’, which would then develop into ‘how do we develop scientific thinking?’.

The training session will then look at:

a)Techniques of how you can create practical curriculum-linked scientific experiments using simple found-objects and home materials

b)How to use an enquiry approach whilst doing these practical activities in order to develop scientific thinking.

The participants will share ideas about how to practically do this, and will be encouraged to develop their own ideas and demonstrations. The training will be hands on, participatory and will require fully active and enthusiastic involvement from all the participants!

Enquiry skills

How can we teach using enquiry? This session explores how we can use the landscape, the garden, images and objects to investigate and incorporate these participatory techniques into our own teaching practice, to develop thinking skills and to teach the curriculum subjects.

Biological Fieldwork activities

This is a set of activities to teach and learn simple skills of biological fieldwork. It is hands on and practical and may involve a drive into a wilderness area in order to practice the skills. It can also incorporate geographical fieldwork techniques, particularly soil studies.

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