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Activities for introducing aspects of Indian culture.


Introduction to Indian culture

This may be chosen very early on in the programme- even on the first day as part of the orientation activity. It involves thinking about our own cultural traditions and behaviour, and examining our own preconceptions of what Indian culture is about. Looking at “Indian-ness” , introducing some of the complexities of India’s changing situation.

Learning about India through objects and artefacts.

This session is a chance for you to learn about the objects that are used in daily rural life, and how they reflect Indian culture and society. The session is both a learning opportunity, and a chance for you to think about how to use objects and artefacts as a teaching tool on your return to your school.

Indian Cookery

This session can begin with a look at the spices that are used in Indian cookery through a sense game, we can then walk around the garden, looking at the plants in the garden where spices originate, and then a participatory session to try out a recipe and cook for the rest of the group.

Mandalas- a group art activity.

This activity looks at how the Mandala is used in eastern traditions, and explains the process of making a mandala as a group artistic activity.

Rangolis-  a traditional Indian patterning ritual.

This session introduces patterns called “rangolis’” which are part of weekly ritual patterning activities in our village.

Rangoli's in Pictures.

Mehindi/ Henna.

During this session you can visit an artist who can put henna on your hands. We can also look at samples for how you could use the process as an art activity on your return.

Mehindi in Pictures.

Tribal art.

During this session we will introduce tribal artistic rituals, through images, a film and some practice at learning one style of patterning.

Indian dance.

For this activity a dancer and dance teacher joins us for a session to explain the folk and classical dances of India. This activity can only happen if there is a majority of interest from the group.

Folk dance in Pictures.

Mudras in Pictures.


A session which teaches a simple introduction to Yoga practice, which the group can then continue through the week as a morning waking up process, and which teachers have often then used as a morning stretching activity for their classes on their return.

Hindustani Music

Musicians can join us to introduce Hindustani classical music and to demonstrate their skills. This needs to be something that the majority of the group are interested in, and are ready to get involved in!

Hindustani Music in Pictures.



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