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How to teach about a new place- ideas, activities and gathering resources.



Teaching about India- gathering resources and developing ideas.

For many teachers who are visiting from abroad the main objective of their study visit is to enable the delivery of topics which relate to India. These study visits are so short however there is huge potential for what can be developed in terms of ideas, information, resources, images, sound files, film clips and experiences within that short period of time. We therefore try to run the first part of this activity early on in the process in order to attend to that focus, looking at what your needs are, what you would like to gather and develop during your visit, exploring ideas that you have as a group as to how you will use the resources and experience on your return. During this first session we will share with you some ideas and resources which we have developed and gathered for teaching about life in India. The resource which we will share (digitally mainly) involves image resource sets, teaching resources, powerpoints, worksheets, and suggestions for use of the visit on your return, this is in order that you know what you already will be given as part of this study visit resource material and how you can develop it and work with it.


This first session also introduces the idea of enquiry as a learning process. Many of the activities that we run are based around the enquiry process, and we will look at how you can use that whilst you are here, and how to use it on your return to your context and schools.


Some participants then develop an idea for a project which focuses their thinking for the rest of the visit eg: taking particular sorts of images, gathering sound files and images together, gathering an artefact set, looking for situations where they can photograph diversity within single images etc etc. Many different projects/ focuses have emerged through these study visit processes over the years. Some groups work together to delegate different tasks within the group, and share the end result into a whole pack which they take back with them. There is no pressure to come up with a direct project, some people just gather as much as they can of all sorts of things and then sort it when they get home, however we are aware of the possibility of catching that potential and enabling as much creative practical resource gathering whilst you are here.


We therefore return to this focus at the end of the process, giving time for sharing of images, ideas, resources and sometimes time for writing up information which groups would like to document. And it forms a process of debriefing before you depart.

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