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Experiences of education in India


Introduction to Education in India

This involves a discussion and a series of images which looks at the differences and diversity which exists in Indian education. It will often relate to specific school contexts which will be visited as part of the process of the visit, and hopes to place them in context with the educational options available and the wants and needs of contemporary Indian society.

Teaching practice placements

Many student groups that visit us are coming with their main focus of a teaching practice process. This can last for a three month or even six month long term placement, or it could be a two week process. We encourage that teaching placements should last for at least one week, with the weekends on either side for including other activities.

School visits.

We are aware that visits to schools are often a high priority for visitors from abroad. Please can you indicate how many schools you would like to visit, what sort of school- Rural/ Urban, and within that whether you would be interested in visiting private/religious/ state run schools. It would be helpful if you could let us know what you would be interested in doing/ seeing whilst you are there and how many days you would like to spend in each school. Some groups wish to become involved in the school day- interacting with a class/ teaching a lesson as part of their visit or doing something practical with the children which might be of help in developing a resource for/with them as part of your visit. Some groups request that they meet with some teachers in order to engage in professional dialogue and to ask them questions about schooling in India, others wish to simply visit for a morning to understand something of the differences/ similarities between our different education systems. Some groups wish to meet with staff members in order to. Others are interested in initiating partnerships. Please do give us a little more info below about what your interests are so that we can plan it effectively, and well in advance.

Teaching a lesson?: If you are very keen to conduct a lesson as part of the school visits please be in touch with us well in advance of your visit, so that we can work carefully with the school to organize a lesson which fits with their current teaching cycle and curriculum, and with your teaching experience. This information we will then send to you and the group so that your group has time to prepare and gather appropriate resources.


Please can you contact us well in advance if you are keen on initiating a partnership with a school in Bangalore.

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