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You are here: Home Our Work Our activities Excursions- for exploring the landscape, and for gathering artefacts.

Excursions- for exploring the landscape, and for gathering artefacts.

Visit to a farming market.studytours.jpg

This involves a journey past villages and farms to a local farmers market. The experience is a very sensory introduction to rural India, and can only be arranged on a Friday morning.

Mountain walk and picnic

This day is a whole day out and involves a visit to a mountain and a picnic. The mountain will have a small temple on top, or nearby, so the day  can involve an introduction to Hinduism and temples. The options for direction would be:


Nandi Hills



Temple trip.

A full day’s activity, which takes the group on a long journey to see a series of different temples and religious sites. This day can include a walk up a mountain to a huge Jain stone monument, a visit to a medieval Hindu town, or a visit to a famous carved stone Hindu temple.

Options include:

Belur and Halibid




Nandi Hills


A journey in the Mysore direction.

A full day’s activity to journey towards the city of Mysore, Srirangapatanam and the surrounding area. There are many places of interest, and the details of the journey will be decided with the group before travelling. You can focus on temples and Indian religious sites which can be seen in the Mysore direction, or you can focus on visiting the city of Mysore directly. The day can end with a trip to a bird sanctuary. The cost of this day will not involve entrance costs to the places that you decide to go to. This may cost an extra £10 each depending on where you choose to go.

Artefact gathering – An urban market area.

This is a visit to an urban based market, to gather the objects that you will need for “bringing India back” with you. Including visiting silk and sandalwood emporiums- two of Karnataka’s most famous exports.

Bangalore- Shopping.

A visit to Bangalore – for gift shopping. This is often done independently of us as there is no need for a guide during this day. We organise transport and provide you with a very detailed map with suggestions of where you can buy different products and where you could eat. We ensure that you are picked up and dropped off in appropriate places, but there is flexibility with the timings of the return journey so you can return in your own time.

Long Excursions

We are able to organise that you visit other parts of South India whilst you are here. This can be for only 2 days or longer depending on what time you have. If you wish to do this alongside a CPD study visit people find that it is best that you extend your stay a little so that you are still able to undertake the ten day programme alongside the travel. Alternatively you may wish to incorporate the travel as part of the study visit process, and therefore we accompany your group during the journey. This is the case where there is a particular focus on rivers, craft etc.


If this is something you would like to choose we will send you a more detailed suggestion as to where you could go, which hotels you could choose, and what the options are for different types of transport. We can book these for you, and will arrange the transport in advance. The cost of the hotels and the food for the days that you are on these excursions will depend on your choices so these will need to be paid for during your visit as actuals. Below you can find some suggested places to visit, and we are open to your ideas and suggestions for these excursions. We will provide you with transport, will book (but not pay for) your accommodation in advance, can provide you with a learning resource and maps for places of interest during your journey, can suggest places where you can eat, and where you can find some rest. You can leave the bulk of your personal things with us so that you can travel light. If you would like to do this we will charge a small holding fee for keeping your rooms ready for you.  Please let us know if this is something you would like to do during your time in India.

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