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Creative learning activities using the garden at the Land:

Where am I?- Outdoor activities for developing a ‘sense’ of place.orientation.jpg

A set of outdoor activities that we have enjoyed doing with children, but which adult groups really appreciate both as a process, and also as a learning opportunity for how to use the outdoors creatively. They help people to understand more about a new place by exploring using the different senses. It introduces you to being in a new place by using sound, textures, colour etc. It is often something that primary teachers enjoy learning as a way of teaching the geography of their locality to young children, and how to use sound clips that you gather during your visit. It can be extended to introduce the process of mapping an area.

Art of exploration.

This is a process of exploring a place by personal experience. It begins with some time for you to absorb your surroundings and become aware of your feelings about the location. You then map your place through use of colour and objects, and then create a piece of personal art work which reflects your own feelings about the place, using objects which you find in the garden.

Ecology – Thinking about plants, trees, organic gardening and sustainable development.

This session will begin with an activity to explore and understand something of the plants and trees at the Land. There will then be a hands on gardening session, a discussion about organic farming, and its role and purpose in our context, and can end with an exploration of ecology and sustainable development through art work.

Nature walk- a late afternoon or early morning activity.

This is a walk around our land, beginning in the early morning or late afternoon to catch a glimpse of the large number of birds that are to be seen and heard at these times. We will also talk through the trees and plants which grow on our land. Then we can go out into a nearby lake bed and look at the plants that grow in our area.

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