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You are here: Home Our Work Study visits coming up in 2017 - 2018 Geography and Sustainable Development in Southern India. A study visit to look at issues and examine solutions. October 2017

Geography and Sustainable Development in Southern India. A study visit to look at issues and examine solutions. October 2017

October half term 2017 + 2 days  (19th - 29th October.)


This CPD visit to South India will explore the Geography of our area, specifically developing ideas about issues of Sustainable Development in Southern India. You will experience these issues first hand in rural and urban contexts through practical activities, case studies, excursions, and professional dialogue. We will look at ideas from futures geography to examine examples of possible solutions. SD 1

This visit will begin in Bangalore, one of the most extraordinary examples of a rapidly developing city. It has its roots firmly in an agricultural past and yet is becoming a leading light for technological change. The city lives and breathes both its past and its future simultaneously. You will then take a train journey north to the agricultural plains of Hampi in northern Karnataka, and then south to the rich and fertile rice and sugar cane growing basin of the river Cauvery and in the elaborate city of Mysore. During the journey you will learn about the changing ecological geography of the region and the human impacts of rapid economic development.  You will experience rich cultural traditions in the amazing temples that you will visit on your journey and through options of introductions to cultural elements like patterning traditions, cookery, art, music. Throughout the visit there will be a focus on resources that can be gathered which use creative enquiry as methodologies for teaching about sustainable development issues and distant place.


Who is this for? This trip is for educators who have a professional and/ or personal interest in the themes of the journey, and who can offer something to the group dynamic as a whole. The process will explicitly cover many aspects of the primary and secondary curriculum, particularly geography. The activities are carefully linked to the new curriculum; with a specific focus on comparative study at KS1 - 3. The visit will be particularly relevant for teachers of GCSE and A level geography topics;  population and urbanisation; international development; economic activity in the primary, secondary, tertiary and quaternary sectors; and the use of natural resources. The visit will aim to explore India in a broader sense including cross curricular topics. The visit will require two days out of school at the start of the programme, however teachers have often found that their schools can be very understanding for such a specifically curriculum linked visit, and can find ways of incorporating these days into CPD allocation.


Who is organising this visit? The trip is being organised by an organisation called Sangam which is run by Imogen and Kiran Sahi who have a lovely rural residential facility in a small village north of Bangalore. You will be accompanied throughout the trip by your facilitators at Sangam who understand the context and culture of the area extremely well, who will interpret, explain and facilitate the process of the visit. Please do refer to Sangam’s website for more information about their organisation: Imogen and Kiran are education consultants who work closely with teachers and with schools on projects relating to India’s change and development. They have 15 years of professional experience organising education programmes and curated travel experiences in Karnataka and South India.


Where will we stay? Accommodation will begin and end in Sangam’s a residential home stay facility called “The Land” near Bangalore which has space for up to 25 people. The Land is a spacious leafy garden on the edge of the rural village of Silvepura. The facilities are simple but well developed. The Sahi’s have made it a comfortable and homely place for visiting groups from the UK to make themselves at home and to explore India from. ( During the journey you will stay in comfortable and authentic simple guest houses and hotels. The details of the accommodation options are to be found on the draft itinerary in the further information which we can share with you if you are interested in hearing more.

How will we travel? There will be two overnight train journeys in sleeper class train bunks. The rest of the journeys in India will be in comfortable air conditioned vehicles with no more than five people per seven seater car, so that there is space and room for luggage. The group will be accompanied throughout by the facilitators from Sangam who will be able to interpret and explain what you see on the journeys and will facilitate the process. Some days will involve very early mornings, and some days will involve a lot of travelling from one location to another. The process of some days will involve the journey at the heart of the day. You will be able to see so much if you look out of the window, ask questions, keep notes and journal as part of the process of the journey. On days when you are driving you will regularly make stops, sometimes unplanned ones, when you see things of interest, and this is where much fun may lie.

Who will advise us on preparation for the visit? Please do give Sangam a call or send them an email between now and Easter with your initial questions. Those that express interest in the visit will then be invited to an optional meeting which will be a chance for you to hear more about the visit, meet the organisers hear more about the programme, and will be a chance for you to ask questions. Once you have joined the group you will then be sent a comprehensive preparation pack which will detail the information about flight booking, travel advice, kit lists, visa guidelines, payment information, insurance advice, health and safety guidance and operational logistics. If you have any questions about the visit before or after receiving this pack please do email or call using the contact details below.  You will be invited to a second preparation meeting in the Autumn term when you will go through these practicalities and can meet the rest of the group before you travel.

What is the cost? In country costs will be between £700- 850 covering food, accommodation, transport and guidance. This does not include the flight which costs between £400-600, and you will need to buy a visa and insurance. We have found that teachers are often successful in securing some funding from their school as part of their CPD allocation, and then pay for the flight from their personal funds. Full details of the costs of the trip are found on the costing sheet below.

A resource pack: On your arrival you will all be provided with a resource booklet which includes case studies, maps, travel information, suggestions of activities to enable you to engage with the places that you visit. For the teachers in the group the pack will include ideas for teaching and learning activities using creative enquiry, and case study information.

Teaching resources: Often finding ways of “bringing India back” is an important part of the process. Many people will want to find ways to effectively equip yourselves for teaching about India and using the experience in your professional life on your return. Part of this will be covered by the resource pack that we will provide you with, some of it will be covered by the questions that you ask and the dialogue that you have with the people that you meet during the visit, and part of it will be covered by the journal that you make to reflect on all that you see. However gathering the physical resources of artefacts and photos will be a large part of this. It may be that you decide to create a project for yourselves- finding particular images which can create a learning resource, looking for particular artefacts which you can use immediately on your return. We will provide you with many ideas, and suggestions for how you can do this once you are in India.

How to apply: Please mail Imo using the email address below and she will send you through an application form. Please do register your interest asap, and then applications will be due in by the end of April 2017.

How to find out more: Please download the further information about this visit by clicking on this link.

Please do give us a call or send us a mail if you want to hear more about this visit and have a chat about practicalities.

Contact: Kiran and Imogen Sahi at:

01761 232709.


DOWNLOADABLE FLYER - (The visit is now open for applications until the end of April 2017.)




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