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Study visits to India 2017 - 2018

We are offering a series of unique study visits to India in the coming year. They are for teachers, TA's, ITE students, and anyone who has a personal or professional interest in learning more about India and the themes of the visits - not only teachers! These visits are a fun and safe way to explore and learn about India, with some calm quiet time for your own personal development alongside guided experiences which will enable you to feel confident to teach about India. All our visits are specifically developed to enable the delivery of the new curriculum particularly for Geography, with an emphasis on comparative study at KS1-3. The 2018 visits are now open for application. Please have a look through our website to find out more, and be in touch with us if you want any questions answered and to request an application form.

Fstone musiciansor general inquiries and to register your interest in our study visit programmes,

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please mail us on sangaminfo@gmail.coMusic 1m.

(Please do not use our "contact us" tab above as we are currently having connectivity issues with it. Thanks)


An Indian Adventure.

24th March - 6th April 2018

Easter Holidays.

The theme of this sort of professional development visit hopes to enable participants todevelop ideas about the use of experience, images, artefacts, and information about India, including ideas for developing resources which use creative enquiry as methodologies for teaching about a distant place, through practical activities, case studies, excursions, and dialogue.

How to find out more? Please check our website page about this visit, by clicking here. You will find that you can download further information about the visit. Please then contact us for a booking form. If you would like to talk over details of

the visit prior to booking,please contact: Kiran Sahi at:


Creativity enabling wellbeing

28th July- 8th August 2018

This two week visit to South India is an amazing opportunity for teachers or anyone interested in the arts and education. It encompasses two elements; the first to experience creativity in an Indian context, and the second to explore how wellbeing is embraced in Indian culture and the arts.

The participants will be introduced to Indian creative art forms through workshops on art, music, and dance traditions, then spend time meeting teachers from Bangalore, working together on creative themes common to both countries, sharing methods which enable wellbeing through creativity whilst teaching the curriculum subjects. The visit will be supported with written resources, guidance and tuition to learn about the culture, context and arts of south India.


How to find out more? Please check our website page about this visit, by clicking here. Please do read more about Sangam and our work and background by looking though our website for more information. Please then be in touch with us, and/or the leader for this trip Katie Purdy, to chat through any initial questions, and we will send you the further information about the visit which details how to join. We aim to fill the visit by the 1st January 2018, so do be in touch before then to find out more.

Group leader for this visit: Katie Purdy.

Facilitating organisation: Sangam.



South India- Wildlife, Birds and Cultural adventures! 2018

Please check the page as linked here for all the details of this visit. Its very new and we are just creating all our info about it.

All of our visits specifically link to the new curriculum, particularly for Geography. Please do look at our linked page for more details on how these visits specifically cover the Geography curriculum with an emphasis on comparative study KS1-3.



Geographical Association Study Tour. India 2019

The Geographical Association International Special Interest Group is delighted to be announcing their 2019 study tour, which will be a journey in both north and south India.

Dates: (Approx) July 27th- August 11th 2019. (16 days in India.)

South and North focus: This tour will be a journey to both the north and south of India with an internal flight between the two very different and contrasting regions of India:

The North of India- Rajasthan and The Thar Desert: In the Rajasthan area of the Thar Desert in north India. Looking at Water particularly as an issue and developing case studies about Desert Enviroments.

The South of India- Karnataka and the developing mega city of Bangalore: In the Bangalore area of Agricultural South Karnataka we will stay in a rural location on the outskirts of the city, and from there examine the multiplicity of Bangalore through enquiry transects to witness economic development sectors, industrial zones, the old markets and business centres. The time in the south is likely to include an onward journey to the temple town of Hampi, across to the semitropical forests of the western Ghat mountains, and down to the coastal region of Goa. During this section we will be looking at ecotourism and its role in reducing the development gap, sustainable management of resources, forest ecosystems, and issues relating to forest characteristics and biodiversity.

To hear more and to register your interest: Please be in touch with Susan Knight of the GAISIG at:


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