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International teaching practice programmes


2018 University programmes:

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We work closely with local schools, placing visiting groups of education students for a short professional placement as an international element the teaching experience for their teaching degree. These visits involve a week of orientation at our centre before beginning the teaching placement.

Objectives of these projects:
The aim of these projects is to give the students an experience of teaching in another cultural context.

Placing the students:
We collaborate carefully with the University teaching faculty well in advance of the teaching placement in order to find a school/s that suit the needs of the student group.

Preparation for travel:

We co-ordinate with the University teaching staff in advance of the visit in order to form an orientation programme and a teaching placement which suits the needs of the visiting group. When students are coming unaccompanied the teaching faculty often passes on the responsibility of co-ordination to a student group leader once the group has been formed.  We send information about the programme, kit lits, travel advice, medical information and advice on visa’s. We suggest that the group meets at least once before the visit occurs in order to discuss mental and practical preparation.

Preparation for teaching:
Once the teaching placements have been arranged we co-ordinate with the placement schools and send the visiting group of students a copy of their teaching timetable, which includes group sizes, curriculum topics, and a break down of what they will be expected to cover lesson by lesson, so that they are able to prepare and think about possible resources.

Orientation week:
The first week of the placement is spent with us undertaking some of our activities in order to gain a sense of the cultural context that the school is located. We visit the placement schools and meet the staff. We talk with them about the challenges that they will face, and help them to share strategies for managing the placement. We give them time for planning and preparation of resources for their lessons.

The school placement:
The teaching placement lasts for between two and four weeks in school. During that time we meet with the student group each evening in order to discuss the placement and for them to share their successes and challenges as a group.

Accompanying faculty:
Some Universities send groups alone, and some prefer that a member of teaching staff accompanies the group. This depends on the needs of the group. We are able to facilitate the group discussions and maintain a focus on study if the group visits without a staff member. This we co-ordinate with the University in advance.

Accreditation= accountability:
We strongly advise that the visiting group of students are requested to write an assignment as an accredited part of their degree programme which uses the information and experiences gathered during the study visit. This supports the time spent in India and our work with the student group by creating a level of accountability for the work that the students undertake when they are in India, and how involved they become in the project.

Faculty reccy visits

We welcome members of staff of Universities to come for a short period of time in order to meet with us and arrange the programme of study for their students. Do be in touch with us if you would like to do this. Its helpful if there are two of you or more on these visits.

Transformational experiences and deep learning: The impact of an intercultural study visit to India on UK initial teacher education students

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