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You are here: Home Our Work Student teaching practice programmes Sheffield University- School experience enrichment programme and research visit.

Sheffield University- School experience enrichment programme and research visit.

10th - 21st June 2019


Student programmes

Dates: 10th - 21st June 2019

About this research visit: Since 2015 the University of Sheffield has been running a two week alternative school experience enrichment programme to Sangam study centre, outside Bangalore, India.

Who is this programme for: This programme is open to the PGDE cohort for each year group, from any subject specialism, and it will appear as one of the options for your allocated enrichment school experience as part of your teaching practice. In the previous 3 years we have taken students from across the subjects.

The process: The group of selected students will travel to Bangalore in South India, and stay for two weeks at the Sangam centre, a rural education centre on the outskirts of the City. During the visit process the students are placed in two very different school contexts for the first week of the visit, one rural school and one urban. During the second week they travel through the varied and diverse landscapes of Karnataka in south India and explore many aspects of the changing and developing south Indian modern and traditional cultural context. They undertake informal research projects that develop case studies and resource material for use in their return to school. Some of the students use this research as the basis for independent studies, dissertations, special topics or research topics modules- or simply as resource and teaching material.

Sangam faciliates the visit and experience in India throughout; hosting, organising the placement, providing guidance, resource material and case studies, and many ideas for use of the experience on return to the UK.

The programme: During the time in India you will be exposed to a whole range of  experiences which will enable you to define and focus in on a personal area of study. Depending on where your area of study emerges you can be provided with experiences which will inform and enhance that study. You will look at changing and developing urban and rural settlements, look at the issue of water and the environmental impact of development on the area, be introduced to the changing cultural and religious traditions of the area, explore the history and change of the diverse religious groupings of the area, explore the changing enthography of the area and discuss the geopolitics that is affecting and driving this change.

Activities: There are very many options of outings and activities to inform these areas of study- which are framed into a programme of activities well in advance for each years specific group of students. Each visit is different each year and includes- Visits and excursions to the city of Bangalore, exploring the multiplicity of this extraordinary diverse and rapidly changing metropolis, visits to agriculuralists, farms, developers, water harvesting organisations and researchers in human development. There could be visits to temples, shrines and holy mountains, a three day excursion to Hampi an ancient city of Hindu rulers, visits to schools, urban and rural farming market areas, Bangalore City, and explorations of the agricultural area that you will be staying in; including walks, drives and cycle rides through villages, to local lakes and farms. All the excursions and outings will be interwoven with introductory talks, explanations of what you are seeing, opportunities to ask questions and time for reflections and further discussions. You will be provided with reading materials before and throughout the whole process to enable you to explore your area of research further.

Where are you staying: Our centre “Sangam”: Our centre is very rural and outdoorsy. You will be sharing rooms in threes, and sharing outside bathrooms and toilets so it will be an experience of simple, shared, outdoor living.  But we do have electricity, flush lavatories, solar heated showers, fans in each room, nets on each bed, you can use our washing machine during your time with us and we have wifi connection. Please check the rest of our website for details about what we do and where you will be coming to for that time.


We will be sending you through a comprehensive preparation pack which includes: An introduction from Sangam, kit lists, travel advice, medical advice, health and safety guidance, visa information, a plan for the time in India and contacts sheet for whilst you are in India. We will be working with you closely to answer your questions and keep you updated between October 2018 and the visit in the Summer of 2019.

Please check the rest of this site for information about where you will be coming to, and we will be in touch with the finalised group for 2019 with all the updates and information as we develop this coming years programme.

Please do contact us here at Sangam for any queries.

We are looking forward to your visit and to meeting you all.

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