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You are here: Home Our Work School group travel experiences: As/A2 field trips/ High school student groups Francis Parker High School, San Diego: India's treasures: Water, people and their crafts.

Francis Parker High School, San Diego: India's treasures: Water, people and their crafts.

A Global Studies journey of learning in South India.

cauveryFrancis Parker High School, San Diego

March 2019

Firstly: A big hello to all from Francis Parker who are planning to come to India in March. Looking forward to meeting you. This page will be regularly updated with all the information about the programme of activities and the journeys planned during your time in India,so do check it from time to time as we refine and develop the plan.

Introduction: The visit will be a two week journey across south India, questioning, creating, sharing, collaborating and learning together, looking at our relationship to India with the value of resource on our minds. “The idea is to learn from rather than to learn about”. Resource management, particularly of water is topic relevant to San Diego. Water is a relevant and fundamental concern for California and whilst learning about these things in India the process will be a comparative one,  with our own context.

A task for the time in India: The students will be asked to search for clues in the landscape, in the places that we visit, see and witness whilst in India, which deal ideally with the topics of resource management and appreciation. The students could also come up with a project title of their own which takes on a topic of their own interest, which relates both to the social/ cultural environment that they are witnessing, and their own context. This should be done throughout the journeying, during car journeys, during visits to temples, forests, rivers, meetings with farmers etc etc; ie during all activities. They should each keep a journal/ sketch book/ scrap book which include the ideas that they get, the clues that they gather, the questions that they have, the things that they learn from Indian life and culture in relation to their topic/ resources, both environmental and social.

Two Journeys: The trip will be based from our centre in Bangalore, and we will take you on two journeys, one south to the river basin and temple town of Mysore and surrounding rice paddy landscape. And one will go north to the city of Jaipur and the nature reserve of ranthambor. Both are exquisitely beautiful in very different ways, and have so much to teach us, explore and learn about during the journeying. As mentioned throughout both journeys we will be actively encouraging the students to record their experiences in their journals/ scrap book, and to continuously ask questions.

The Baale Mane project “Story Making”:

As part of the time in India we will undertake a four day textiles and crafts collaborative project with the girls from Baale Mane . It will be a crafts project which we will do together. They will involve only the older children, working on craft and arts skills from both America and from India, and creating their own textiles projects together, learning about print making and developing crafts skills. Ideally by the end of this time they will have created a series of textiles projects and a presentation which they do together and show to the little ones in the school and in Baalle at the end of the three day project.

A sense of completion: At the end of the project they will each be given some time to form a presentation of this- it could be in the form of an academic poster which they sketch out simply, it could be a large collage which they stick together, it could be a dramatic piece which they present, a poem, a song. These presentations are not assessed, but could form parts of a film which could be displayed, alongside some of the pieces during an exhibition on return to America.

Any questions?

If any of the group from Francis Parker have any questions over the coming  months as you plan and prepare for your journey, please don't hesitate to contact us on

The detailed information will be uploaded soon which should give a clearer plan as to what we are going to do whilst you are in India.

Very much looking forward to it! and to meeting you all in March.

With warm good wishes,

Imo (Sangam)

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