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Newport Girls High School, UK: India study visit.

A study visit in South India.

cauveryNewport Girls High School

October 2018

Firstly: A big hello to all from NGHS who are planning to come to India in October. Looking forward to meeting you. This page is an introduction to your visit in India and we will be sending you through with all the information about the programme of activities and the journeys planned during your time in India.


This is a 10-day study visit to India which is a wonderful opportunity for the students currently in years 11 and 12. The visit will be to the village of Silvepura in Karnataka state, which lies 25 km north-west of Bangalore, in the south of India. You will be introduced to the changing and developing geographic and cultural context of the region of south India; visiting farms, villages, markets to look at the local rural context. You will explore the changing and developing city of Bangalore, and work with local children on a creative arts project. You will then travel south through the rice growing basin of the river Cauvery, through the elephant forests of the nilgiri biosphere, and into the semi tropical rainforests of the mountains of Coorg, where you will stay for two days, trekking and exploring the forested mountains. You will return via Buddhist and Jain temples and have a day for cookery and food before flying back to the UK.


Who is this visit for? The trip is organised by the geography department and inevitably offers an enriching academic experience for geographers. However, the visit is open to all students in current years 11 and 12 irrespective of future A-level choices, as many of the opportunities offered are universally beneficial and rewarding.

Who is delivering and organising this visit? The trip is being facilitated and delivered in India by an education group called Sangam, managed from their branch in the UK called SEC. You will be accompanied throughout the trip by your facilitators from Sangam who understand the context and culture of the area extremely well. They have 15 years of professional experience organising educational study visits and curated journeys in Karnataka and South India. SEC handles all of the operational logistics of their trips, and manages Sangam’s in country delivery within India. The group is run by Imogen and Kiran Sahi whose Indian home is at Sangam’s facility just north of Bangalore. Please do read more about their work and background by looking at Sangam’s website for more information:

Which flight are we taking? You will travel to Bangalore on Wednesday 24th in the afternoon, and you will arrive in the early hours of Thursday 25th October. You will be transferred to Sangam’s residential facility on the north side of the city of Bangalore, where you will be based for 10 days. The journey back to the UK will be on the morning of Saturday 3rd November and you will arrive back in the UK at around mid-day the same day (due to the time difference.)

Where will we stay? Accommodation will be in Sangam’s residential facility called “The Land” near Bangalore which is a campus originally developed for visiting artists, and is now a centre specialising in study visits for student groups and teacher groups, but also a centre of pottery, ceramics and art. The Land is a spacious leafy garden and home stay on the edge of the rural village of Silvepura. Whilst at Sangam we will benefit from an authentic village experience, home cooked vegetarian food which is sourced and prepared by local people and is specific to the region, and a relaxing, nature-rich environment. The facilities are simple but well developed as Imo and Kiran Sahi have made it a comfortable and homely place for visiting groups from the UK. You can make yourself at home and use it as a base from where you can explore and understand more about India. There is much information about the facilities and accommodation on Sangam’s website. During the journey south you will stay in simple hotels and guest houses, which are close to the forests and rivers that we are exploring.

What will the food be like? Whilst at the Land you will be provided with home cooked South Indian vegetarian food, which may well be a bit different from what you are used to at home. On the journey south you will go to restaurants where you can choose from a menu, which again will be mainly south Indian food. Those with specific dietary requirements are asked to state their needs on our medical form in advance so we can make sure we cater to what you need.

What will the weather be like? October is a post monsoon month. The landscape will be very green, it will be warm, in the mid-20’s and with possibly some end of monsoon rains. It is a lovely time to travel in India; not too hot, or dry, or wet, and very green.

What will we do exactly? Below is a day by day explanation of what is planned for this visit, and an itinerary in table format is to be found below. The precise activities may vary from what is described as there may be some changes involved as the journey goes along, but the plan is as follows:

  • Day 1: Wednesday 24th October- Flight to India. Journey from the school, arrive at the airport, check in and take flight to Bangalore.

  • Day 2: Thursday 25th October- Rest and Orientation: Arrive in Bangalore in the early hours of the morning. Transfer to Sangam’s centre in the north of Bangalore. Time for exploring, resting, orientations and introductions. Welcome pack and resource booklets given out. H and S tour.

  • Day 3: Friday 26th October - Rural locality study: Cycle ride to Hessaraghatta town, through farms and orchards. A participatory observation enquiry activity through the rural market and old village. Visit the lake. There will be a session to looking at change and developing in India by looking at objects used in the area, through time, and an evening to relax with some games.

  • Day 4: Saturday 27th October- Urban settlement study: A case study- Globalisation, development and Bangalore. An urban transect enquiry activity- driving and questioning. Exploring the new and old parts of town. Visit to a modern commercial centre. Some late night Shopping opportunities.

  • Day 5: Sunday 28th October - Craft work and intro to river and forest: Sunday activity with Baale Mane girls home, which Sangam supports. Conduct a group/ team craft activity. Packing and preparation for the outing. Introductions to the river and the forests through a film about the western ghats.

  • Day 6: Monday 29th October- River study: Early morning drive South towards the river Cauvery. Stop to look at Silk and Sugar cane cottage industries, and Rice paddy. Resources of the river. Possibly trek to Mekke Dattu gorge or a temple stop at Somnathpur temple. Late check in at accommodation in Srirangapatnam/ Mysore.

  • Day 7: Tuesday 30th October- The river and the forest: Early morning walk and boat ride in Ranganathittu Bird sanctuary. A visit to Tippus summer palace. Drive on to the forests of the western ghats, through an elephant forest sanctuary. Check in to Chingaara coffee plantation. Evening one in the forest with games and time to relax.

  • Day 8: Wednesday 31st October: Forest day one, monsoon resources: A day in the forest. A drive up to the peaks with a morning trek along the peak ridges. In the afternoon you will look at the resources of coffee, tea and how they impact on the environment, and we will look at the impact of the monsoon rains on this environment. There will be a walk to a waterfall and potential dip in water. Evening two in the forest.

  • Day 9: Thursday 1st November- Forest day two, and religions of south India. Very early morning possible drive to the source of the river. On towards Bylakuppe for lunch and a possible visit to the Buddist golden temple. A drive northwards with a possible stop at Shravanabelagola monolithic statue. Drive back to Sangam Late evening return.

  • Day 10: Friday 2nd November- Reflecting, food, mandalas and dance. Morning for cycling, journaling, resting, clay work. Indian food cooking session before lunch. An afternoon for reflecting on the process of the experience. A group Mandala reflection activity, Final ending folk dance option. Packing. Bonfire.

  • Day 11: Saturday 3rd November- Return flight. Transfer to airport in the early hours of the morning and return to the UK by lunchtime the same day. Journey back to school.

How will we travel whilst in India? Many days will have an excursion planned during which you will be driven in air conditioned vehicles. Some days will involve very early mornings, and some days will involve a lot of travelling from one location to another. The process of some days will involve the journey at the heart of the activities, as opposed to simply a means to getting somewhere. You will be able to ask questions at each place that we stop, and there will be opportunities for your unanswered questions to be cleared at the end of each journey. Questioning, enquiry, exploring, observing are all very much part of the process.

What about travelling responsibly, health and safety, and preparation for what we should bring? Sangam’s visits are organised to work towards British Standard BS8848 best practice for overseas travel, so the trip is carefully risk assessed with risk management procedure and protocol in place, and we guide and prepare you thoroughly in our management of the visit to ensure your safety whilst abroad:

  • An initial meeting with students and parents in the Autumn term 2017, during which time we will go through an outline of the whole visit and it will be an opportunity to chat about the journey and to have any initial questions answered.
  • The participants will then be sent a comprehensive preparation pack. This pack includes the detail of the travel itinerary, information about the accommodation and facilities of where you will be staying, travel advice, kit lists, and health and safety guidance. The pack will give advice for visa guidelines which participants purchase themselves alongside our support.
  • We will then plan a second meeting in the spring/ summer term of 2018 to carefully go through the preparation pack together and to cover your needs and questions nearer to the trip, looking specifically at Kit lists, health and safety guidance, how to travel responsibly in India and how to stay safe.

What resource material will we be given? On arrival in India you will be provided with a written resource booklet created specifically for your visit which will again highlight health and safety for travel in India, travel guidance, local information and case studies, and will include essential contact details. The booklet will include suggestions of activities to enable you to engage with the places that you visit. We are very keen that the participants take time before each new location to formally or informally take a look at the next location/ journey so that they all feel prepared and enabled to understand the places better, and have a base of information from which to ask questions.

What next? We will all meet again at a meeting in the spring term when we will go through the detail of the preparation pack for the visit and distribute these packs. This meeting will look at Kit lists, health and safety guidance, how to travel responsibly in India and how to stay safe, and how to get your visa for India. We will share flight options and talk through the logistics of the travel. We will also give details of how to pay for the trip, so that we can book flights, and make the bookings in India in good time.

Please do be in touch with Mrs Gill or Mr Pimm with any questions that you may have between now and the next meeting, and/or be in touch with us at Sangam.


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