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Kimbolton School- Trip to India

A study visit in South India.


August 2018

Firstly: A big hello to all from Kimbolton school who are planning to come to India in August. Looking forward to meeting you. This page is an introduction to your visit in India and we will be sending you through with all the information about the programme of activities and the journeys planned during your time in India.


You will travel to Bangalore on Saturday the 12th August from Heathrow airport UK, a flight which takes about 10 hours and so you will arrive in the early hours of 13th August. You will be transferred to Sangam’s residential facility on the north side of the city of Bangalore, where you will be based for the first 3 days.

There will be a day for introductions, orientation and rest after the journey. You will explore the Bangalore area, gathering case study material and information about rural settlements and urban development and you will spend one day working with a girls home in North Bangalore on a collaborative sports project.

You will then journey to the south of Karnataka to the historical city of Mysore where you will stay for a night looking at the historic and cultural sites of the Mysore region. You will continue south through the cauvery river basin, through the dry deciduous elephant forests of the Nilgiri biosphere, and up into the deciduous semi tropical rain forested mountains of Coorg. Whilst in the mountains you will trek up onto the peaks and down to a waterfall. You will then journey back past Buddhist and Jain temples and arrive back at Sangam’s residential site for two days of local treks and cycle rides.

The journey back to the UK will be on the morning of the 22nd August and you will arrive back in the UK at around mid-day the same day (due to the time difference.)


Which flight are we taking?

Your flight to India is on the 12th August with British Airways, flight number BA119, leaving at 2.00pm from Heathrow airport. The flight arrives at 5.00am into Bangalore international Airport on the morning of the 13th August. You will be transferred to Sangam’s residential facility on the north side of the city of Bangalore, where you will begin and end your journey, with five days in the middle of the trip journeying into South Karnataka. The flight back to the UK will be on the morning of 22nd August on the British Airway flight BA118 leaving India at 7.00am and you will arrive back in the UK at around mid-day the same day.

Who is delivering and organising this visit? The trip is being facilitated and delivered in India by an education group called Sangam who have a rural residential (home stay) facility in a small village north of Bangalore, which they call ‘the land’, and are managed from their branch in the UK called SEC. You will be accompanied throughout the trip by your facilitators from Sangam who understand the context and culture of the area extremely well. They have 15 years of professional experience organising educational study visits and curated journeys in Karnataka and South India. SEC handles all of the operational logistics of their trips, and manages Sangam’s in country delivery within India. The group is run by Imogen and Kiran Sahi whose Indian home is at Sangam’s facility just north of Bangalore. Please do read more about their work and background by looking at Sangam’s website for more information:

Where will we stay? Accommodation will be in Sangam’s residential facility called “The Land” near Bangalore which has space for up to 25 people. The Land is a spacious leafy garden and home stay on the edge of the rural village of Silvepura. The facilities are simple but well developed. Imo and Kiran Sahi have made it a comfortable and homely place for visiting groups from the UK. You can make yourself at home and use it as a base from where you can explore and understand more about India. There is much information about the facilities and accommodation on Sangam’s website. Whilst on the journey in the second week you will stay in simple but comfortable guest houses in Mysore and in the Western Ghats.

How will we travel? Many days will have an excursion planned during which you will be driven in air conditioned 6 seater vehicles. Some days will involve very early mornings, and some days will involve a lot of travelling from one location to another. The process of some days will involve the journey at the heart of the activities, as opposed to simply a means to getting somewhere. You will be able to ask questions at each place that we stop, and there will be opportunities for your unanswered questions to be cleared at the end of each journey. Questioning, enquiry, exploring, observing are all very much part of the process.

What will the food be like? Whilst at the Land you will be provided with home cooked South Indian vegetarian food, which may well be a bit different from what you are used to at home. On the journey south you will go to restaurants where you can choose from a menu, which again will be mainly south Indian food. Those with specific dietary requirements are asked to state their needs on our medical form in advance so we can make sure we cater to what you need.

What will the weather be like? August is a monsoon month and there might be some monsoon rains. The landscape will be green, it will be warm, in the mid-20’s. It is a lovely time to travel in India; not too hot, or dry, maybe a bit wet, and very green.

What about travelling responsibly, health and safety and preparation?

  • Todays meeting is a chance for you to have introductory information about the visit and to ask your initial questions about the trip.
  • The school will arrange the purchasing of flights, and appropriate travel insurance themselves alongside our guidance and support. (Sangam insists on acquiring ATOL protection for all bookings.)
  • The school will then be sent a comprehensive preparation pack to share with the students and parents which will detail the information about your selected flights, travel advice, kit lists, payment information, and health and safety guidance, and how to obtain a visa for India.
  • We will then plan a second meeting in the spring term with the students and parents to carefully go through the preparation pack together and to cover their needs and questions nearer to the trip, looking specifically at health and safety guidance, how to travel responsibly in India, how to stay safe, and obtaining visa.

What resource material will we be given? On arrival in India you will be provided with a written resource booklet created specifically for your visit which will again highlight health and safety for travel in India, travel guidance, local information and case studies, and will include essential contact details. The booklet will include written case study material and we hope to include links to the syllabus and core content for geography for those taking A level Geography in the following year. It includes suggestions of activities to enable you to engage with the places that you visit. We are very keen that the students and staff take time before each new location to formally or informally take a look at the next location/ journey so that they all feel prepared and enabled to understand the places better, and have a base of information from which to ask questions.

What next?

  • Preparation pack- Mailed to you by March- with details of preparation activities.
  • Second meeting- Late April for going checking through actions in the pack and final preparation details.

Please be in touch with Mr Whiteley at school for more information.

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