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School group travel experiences. A Level field trips/ high school student groups

(See a blog from a visiting High School group: Francis Parker High, San Diego.)

(See a page about an imminent visit of High school students: India's treasures, Water, People and their Stories...)

We work with the staff of secondary schools and high schools on programmes which enable exposure to another culture and country, and allow for development of subject specific case studies.

During these programmes students are given opportunities to learn about life in South India, through activities similar to those run for visiting teachers. The visits include a process of journeying, excursions, activities and often collaborative school programmes.

We work closely with the staff of the school that is sending the group, arranging a programme which suits the group that are coming,ensuring that the arranged programme absolutely covers the students subject needs, and supporting the accompanying staff on preparation before the visit.

The service that we offer schools include organisation of accommodation based mainly at our centre, but often including some other places during the time in India, organisation of the food during the project, all transport, guidance and facilitation for any activities that you are keen to include.

We provide a comprehensive preparation process which includes advice on health and safety, risk assessment, responsibly travelling, how to get a visa and how to book through a ATOL protected travel provider. We can also come and meet you, your staff and parents in your school if you like, talk through the programme and answer any questions.

The school then needs to buy flight tickets through our recommended provider, buying travel insurance as per our risk assessment, and buying the visas as per our advice. One named staff member accompanying the students will have to be named on our health and safety documentation as the person to whom loco parentis has been assigned, and one named staff member has to be a qualified first aider.

We guide each school through the whole process from initiation of the visit until the visit occurs.

As/A2 field trips: Students are most often completing their final two years of secondary education, and come with specific subjects for study in mind, most often students of Geography, and the Human Humanities. We have therefore developed case studies which relate to the As and A2 syllabus statements which include:

AS topics:

  • Population includes population growth, controlling population growth, pressures of population
  • Health and health care approaches.
  • Food supply – the green revolution

A2 topics:

  • World cities – eg waste management, transport systems
  • Development / Globalisation – trade v aid / economic sustainability versus environmental sustainability / sustainable tourism – myth or reality
  • Ecoysystems – management of fragile environments eg tropical monsoon biome
  • Weather and Climate - climate change, tropical monsoon climate
  • Energy e.g. case study of energy supply / demand
  • Conflicts and challenges

The understanding of these topics involves a mixture of field work excursions, and discussions/presentations at Sangam, providing experiences which develop case studies relevant to their curriculum.

Collaborative school based programmes: We can also arrange that the students work with schools and children's groups on collaborative arts based activities. This can involve book making, puppetry, arts programmes like screenprinting, and theatre performances.

Some groups spend time in a link school, with whom we coordinate activities and accommodation.

Please contact us if you would like to know more about these visits.

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