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SEC- Sahi Education Consultancy


We run a UK based partnership called SEC, (Sahi Education Consultants) which works as the UK branch of our Sangam work.

SEC facilitates, manages and runs the operational logistics of our Sangam work in India, working alongside travel and tour operators, and planning, preparing, booking and managing the running of the events on the ground.

We create comprehensive preparation material for each of our Sangam study visit projects, working closely with the staff and students of our partner schools and organisations on risk assessments, planning of programmes, and creating resource material in relation to each project in India. We can arrange that travel is protected through organisation of ATOL certification and alongside the guidelines of ABTA codes of conduct in order that travel is safe and secure.

Our education consultancy work involves support on approaches, development, oversight, advising, mentoring, and liaising with school management, governors, funders and staff, alongside related reporting activities.

School based projects have involved assessing, conducting school monitoring and evaluation visits, conducting needs assessments, and reporting on most significant change.

Curriculum development has involved delivering professional development courses, advice on pedagogy and methodology, writing and structuring of teaching materials, and development of educational websites.

Please be in touch with us in order to hear more about our SEC partnership and how it manages and faciliates our Sangam projects. Contact:

Some examples of our consultancy work:


This is a current project which is working with Gordonstoun school in Elgin, Scotland on their links to India and development plans in Karnataka for 2018.

DHL UK Foundation:

We have been working since 2007 as in-country education consultants for the DHL UK foundation. The project has supported and developed six schools in the Tsunami affected area of Tamil Nadu. Our work has involved monitoring and evaluation visits, conducting needs assessments and interviews to inform the funders as the project developed. The findings of these visits are summarized in a series of project reports. This work has also involved provision of IT training for teachers, creative craft and dance workshops and summer school activities. Reports: (Hyperlink.) We have created and developed a teaching and learning site to enable the teachers and pupils in these schools to access educational material available on the internet. :

The British Council: Connecting classrooms.

Master training work: Imo consults for the British Council and is one of five master trainers for the organisation based in India for the connecting classrooms project. She delivers courses directly to teachers, and she trains new teacher trainers on a suite of courses written by the British Council on the topics of global citizenship, internationalism and sustainable partnerships.

Education Training Consultant: Imo is part of an advisory team of education training consultants which is working with the British Council and the state system in India on school improvement programmes. She mentors schools through the International Schools award, and assesses for the same award.

Core skills curriculum development

Imogen was selected to re-write and develop the British Council's core skills teacher training delivery materials for an Indian context. This involved re-writing and re-structuring the materials and contextualising them for a local audience. Imo wrote the sections on Critical thinking and problem solving, Creativity and imagination, Collaboration and communication. She helped to edit and oversee the sections on Student leadership, Digital literacy, and Citizenship.

Tony Blair Faith Foundation- Celebrating our Stories:

This is a pilot project for sharing stories between primary schools across the world in order to understand the common values which exist within the different world faiths. There are currently four schools in Bangalore India and three in London working on the project. The pilot is set to expand in the coming academic year, and has involved coordinating the schools on the project, advising, mentoring, film making and reporting activities.

British Council Schools Partnership Scheme:

Teachers from the UK have come to us in order to develop links with schools in India. These visits are funded and supported by the British Councils Global Schools Partnership schemes, and encourage schools in different parts of the world to share curriculum projects on a common theme. Our role in these projects has been to initially find the schools in the Bangalore area and put them in touch with the UK teachers. We then host the initial visit of the UK teachers at our residential centre, whilst they visit the partner schools, and meet their co partners. We have also facilitated the reciprocal visits through enabling and advising communication whilst submitting funding applications and hosting the reciprocal visits from the UK teachers.

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