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Outdoor Sundays! (or Saturdays...)

This is for: any parents and children living in Bangalore who want to come and enjoy the outdoors and do something fun on a Sunday.

Outdoor Sundays!

The deal is:

- Every parent comes with an idea and resources for an activity, which will engage a group of children of mixed ages. They come ready to facilitate that activity, with help from one or two of the other parents.

- The activity that the parents each bring should only last for about 30 mins ish and therefore the activities will be rotated between the parents, with gaps in the day for free play and running about, snacks and a pot lunch. Parents therefore get to engage completely with the kids for 30 minutes each... and then for the rest of the day observe and chat, and support, with a coffee!

- All the activities have to be capable of being done outdoors, or  in our covered studio area.

- Each parent and child brings with them some snacks and a lunch to share.

- Every child comes along ready to participate and have some fun!

- Each week, those interested call or email us about a week before hand to let us know they are joining for the coming Sunday so we can know in advance how many people are coming.

- We will co-ordinate with the parents coming each week with the numbers of people that they will be handling with their activities, so everyone can be prepared, and we will coordinate on resources that we already have for activities.

- There are no costs involved as long as you do all of the above!

Most often we will meet here at Sangam, but sometimes we can arrange to meet in another (outdoor) location!

Ideas for activities:

Story telling, origami, pop ups, den making, bonfires, puppets, drama, water and sandpit play, painting activities, clay work, wide games, cricket, nature walks, bird watching, kite flying, etc etc.

The possibilities are endless!

The dates:

We are tentatively suggesting these dates...

February 7th 2015

March 8th 2015

April 26th 2015

Be in touch! And we can add you to our outdoor sunday facebook group.

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