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Case studies, articles, publications and reports


What makes intercultural study visits meaningful? A look at the pedagogy of study visit experiences. 2017

Sahi, I. (2017). What makes intercultural study visits meaningful? A look at the Pedagogy of study visit experiences. In Catlin, S. (2017) 'Reflections on Primary Geography. The register for research in Primary Geography.

Imo has always been a pedagogist ("enquiry, enquiry"!!) and this year her work was published as a chapter in a book, much to her absolute delight. This was the result of a few years of research using our visiting teachers and students as an empirical study group. Imo presented her research as a paper during a fascinating research conference at Charney Manor that she attended earlier in the year, and the paper formed an chapter in the book edited by the wonderful Simon Catlin. Thankyou to all of you for responding to my surveys and for being so reflective with your interesting replies. Happy to share the chapter if anyone wants to see it! XX

Wide World Article- Bangalore. Problems of a rapidly expanding city. Addressing the challenges of a developing city. Jane Ferratti and Kiran Sahi.

Ferratti J. & Sahi, K (2017) Bangalore. Problems of a rapidly expanding city. Wide World. Vol.28. No 3.

We are delighted to be offering this case study article, published in the 2017 spring edition of Wide world GCSE Geography magazine. Let us know if you would like to hear or read more about this case study and its details.

The Value of Personal International connections. Tessa Willy and Imogen Sahi. Primary Geograper. Autumn 2016. This was an article that Imo and Tessa wrote together, reflecting on the impact and potential of making connections, working together, collaborating, and developing shared projects across continents. I am very grateful for responses to my survey which gave so many ideas and thoughts. You are all wonderful.

Reciprocal learning in the Indian sunshine- Written by Helen Martin. Primary Geographer Summer 2015. During a study tour of India, teachers from different cultural backgrounds spent time together on shared geographical enquiry. Here Helen describes how, as well helping to deepen relationships, genuinely wanting to learn from each other is a vital part of global learning.

A case study of Bangalore's development and change. Written by Kiran Sahi, with Jane Ferretti, Wide World Magazine. February 2015.

Making use of Learning from Bangalore: Primary Geography Magazine, Spring. 2015.

Three PGCE students took  part in an educational visit to Sangam, near Bangalore in India, in order to experience learning in a distant place. Here Leanne,  Rohan and Katherine  reflect  on how they applied the  learning to their geography teaching; but first their tutor,  Tessa, outlines her involvement in the  visit.

Enquiring minds and Unique places- Ruth Potts and Helen Martin. Primary Geographers 2014 Spring edition.

TIPD Study visit reports

These reports are from groups undertaking visits to us managed by HTI Merganser under the DfE Teachers International Professional Development Programme (TIPD)



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