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Create a programme of activities with us:

Please contact Imo and Kiran if you would like to bring a group, following the steps below:


Stage one: Sending us information about the visit and the group:
•    Please contact us indicating the number of people that you would like to bring, a description of the group and their interests, including their age, their subjects, teaching subjects and age group/key stages.
•    Please indicate the date that you would like to come and for how many days.
•    We will be in touch with what is possible.
•    Once we have been in touch we will ask you to choose a set of activities to form a progrmame as per stage two:

Stage two: Choosing your activities and things to do:

•    Read through the information on this site about the activities that you would like to include in your programme.
•    Download and fill in the activity choice form. (Still to be loaded, please email us for this.)
•    Please bear in mind that any activity which involves use of a vehicle will have cost implications.
•    Email us back your completed activity choice form for the group.
•    We will then put together a programme for the group and will reply with price information for that programme.
•    Once a series of activities has been decided on we will then form a draft itinerary for you to look at and share.

Stage three: Practicalities and preparation:
Please download the information below and share it within the group:

(Downloads still to be loaded.. Please email us for this information for now.)

  • Kit list
  • Advice for preparing to travel in India.
  • Medical and consent form.
  • Advice on getting a visa.
  • Reading lists


Stage four: Preparing for teaching (relevant only for teaching practice students)

Close to your visit we will co-ordinate with you about your choice of school, the subjects you are ready to teach, and will email you a draft timetable in order that you can prepare your lessons and resources before leaving.


Stage five: The visit!

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