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What visitors have said about us


"It is very rare to find a place with people that can so well balance the depths of authentic understanding of India with incredibly articulate interpretation. Such a balance you find at Sangam." Christopher Stephens. Environment and birding visit. 2014, and 2017.

“The teachers were asked how important these visits had been: over 80% felt that the visit had significantly changed them personally and over 70% felt that it had changed their teaching practice. All participants felt strongly that the visit had helped to put their own life and work into context” Primary Geography Autumn 2016 edition; The value of personal international connections. Tessa Willy and Imogen Sahi.

I would recommend this visit to all schools wishing to develop their understanding of a different culture.  What a life-changing experience it was! We all came back inspired and with a much greater understanding of the issues which affect the lives of the people in the rural and urban communities in southern India. The week was packed with a whole range of activities including: visits to schools, temples and markets; studies of village and urban life; a variety of cultural workshops in art, dance and music. The staff were extremely knowledgeable and were able to answer any questions put to them. The whole experience can be used in so many ways within the school curriculum.

Mr Nicholas Wilson, Headteacher of Wells Cathedral Junior School

“I was able to experience the real India in a way that I could never have done as an ordinary tourist. The insight into India you gain cannot possibly be replicated anywhere. Sangam are reassuringly professional in all that they do, whilst making you feel comfortable and at home.” Anna Godfrey. St Johns first school.

This was an unusual visit in that the accommodation was in a simple, delightful residential centre – The Land - rather than a hotel.  This group certainly felt that this base, located in a semi-rural area outside Bangalore added to the ‘authentic’ nature of the experience. We particularly loved the fabulous South Indian vegetarian meals cooked for us!  Sangam is extremely well set up for study visits and has excellent experience of devising programmes that meet the needs of groups.  Our hosts were extremely well-informed, both about India and also the UK education system (one of them having been a UK science teacher).  Sangam will send a useful array of preparation material, including a kit list and an introduction to staying in South India to any future TIPD groups.

TIPD. Bath and North East Somerset LEA.

I found the school visits absolutely fascinating. They left me wrestling with the question of how to teach effectively, stimulatingly and humanely with few resources and huge numbers of kids! I have hardly stopped talking about the visits to colleagues. The artefacts session was such an effective way to engage (and assess) people’s interest at the start of the visit. I’m often using my coconut scraper for similar purposes in Inset sessions. Yes, really.

Adam Nichols. Geographical Association group. LEA advisor for Geography, Sunderland,

The teaching practice weeks were an amazing eye opener into another educational context. I learnt so much not only about India but about myself and my teaching style. The visit was amazing. I have so many resources and new ideas.

Carly White, student group leader, Newman University College, Birmingham, UK.

These real experiences have greatly enhanced our classroom practice and broadened our horizons, enabling us to help children think of the wider world beyond their classroom and community setting.

Sarah Wheatcroft- Group leader and KS2 teacher, St Vigor and St Johns school, Chilcompton, Somerset.

This study trip was an exciting experience for students to engage with the religion and culture of India, providing opportunities to observe local practices at shrines for Hindus and Jains. Equally students saw and compared at first-hand brick-making by poor itinerant workers in villages and the prodigious growth of consumer capitalism in a modern Bangalore mall. We hope students will utilise the study visit to inform research projects as part of their degrees.

Dr Dominic Corrywright. Religion and Theology Programme Leader,
Westminster College of Education, Oxford Brookes University.

I don’t think I really had a true feeling of what a global community is until I came here.  In the UK we haven’t really got a sense of community.  By coming here I’m beginning to truly understand what it means to be a global citizen.

TIPD Bath and North East Somerset LEA.

It was the best trip of my life. I know we all feel privileged to have experienced Indian life and culture with such depth and in so short a space of time. The hospitality was second to none and I am already missing the cooking and the great company.

Chris Twronga. Head of RE, St Dunstans Secondary School, Glastonbury.

The opportunity has been the most useful professional development in my 30 years of teaching.

Joanne Baker. Head teacher. Buckland St Mary Primary School.

Just the experience of BEING there had the most fundamental impact on me and will infuse any future work I do on India with a personal perspective which was lacking before.

Jenny Ogden, Education Officer Powys Development Education Centre.

A massive bank of resources, of which I am still just scraping the surface. Without the preparation being some months in advance this would have been much less effective. I knew what I was wanting to bring back and I was pleasantly surprised to find so much else that I had not expected to get hold of. Cultural immersion.  Revitalisation.  New lease of life.  Bringing my teaching to life.  This has been the main thing about the trip for me.  It has truly been life-changing.

Ben King. Churston Ferres Grammar school.

We squeezed so much into the 10 days that there wouldn’t have been time for anything else! I can honestly say that every experience we had was beneficial. I particularly benefited from visiting very different schools. Education is so diverse in India.

Michelle Moxham. Millfeild Infants School.

The aim of the trip for me was to be able to return to England with sufficient knowledge and resources to teach my children about life in India; the similarities and differences to the life they are used to in England. The trip more than fulfilled this! I have a wealth of knowledge, more photographs than I know what to do with and wonderful resources that will complement my teaching and enhance the children’s learning about India.

Laura Sutton Ilsington Primary School.

I was able to experience the real India in a way I could never have done if I had just gone as an ordinary tourist. Amazing case studies and resources that you would not have been able to obtain otherwise. Brilliant ideas about how we could teach the information. Go without a doubt. Educational and professional benefits aside, the insight into India you gain could not be replicated anywhere else. It has given me so many good ideas about how to deliver different case studies.

Anna Goodfellow, Whorle Secondary school, Weston Super Mare.

A once in a lifetime opportunity. It opens your eyes to another world....It was a highly enjoyable trip and I would recommend it to other pupils (sic)....  Great experiences and fellow students and tutors added to making it a great experience....The trip was fantastic.  I would recommend it to anyone.  The only thing I would recommend to tutors in the future is to warn students in the morning that the lunch break will be in quite a while, as this made me feel very unwell one day.....An amazing experience.  Kiran, & Imo were so friendly and welcoming and were happy to help us.  I had a fantastic time and would want to visit again......A life-changing experience, that I am certain will be valuable in the classroom......A fantastic and amazing experience.

Students and staff of Bishops Grossteste University College, Lincoln.

I found the day in Bangalore looking at Urban development really useful.  The tour around the farms was also excellent for using at KS4/5 in Geography.

Kate Williamson, Sexeys School.

I feel quite privileged to have been a small part of 'The Land' for a week and being made to feel so welcome - such activities ought to be made compulsory to blow away the cobwebs of routine and give inspiration a kick-start!

Melanie Gifford, West Chinnock Primary School.


(This page shows a collection of images of the visiting adults and older students over the last few years. We are aware that we have not managed to catch everyone, and so if you find that you and your group do not feature and you would like to, please send us a mail with an attached image of you/ your group during your time with us and we will add you!)

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