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About Us

Images of the Land buildings

Our place- "The Land" is  located next to the village of Silvepura, near Bangalore South India.

The space was originally developed as an art centre for visiting artists. Over time it has developed with the addition of a pottery studio and ceramic company called Labyrinth, and finally it evolved into its current avatar- as a centre and facility for education work under the name of Sangam.

Who runs Sangam?

Sangam is run by Imogen and Kiran Sahi, with Roshan Sahi.

We manage and facilitate all of our Sangam projects through our UK based partnership SEC- Sahi Education Consultants.

Why are we called Sangam?: The word "Sangam" means: a point of meeting; a confluence.

Sangam therefore functions as a space where people from different cultures and backgrounds can meet, dialogue and learn from each other. Our backgrounds and interests mean that we are well placed to be able to help to interpret between cultures and facilitate discussion.

Sangam is therefore a meeting point of people, cultures, and ideas. We are aware there is a need for a place and space for creative discussion such as this in order that cultures can learn from each other, and develop trust and respect for each other.

What is Labyrinth studio?

Labyrinth is a design studio which is located alongside Sangam, at the Land. The studio was set up in 1999 by Kiran and Roshan Sahi.

We work mainly in the medium of hand made ceramics and produces products in metal, and wood.

Products include large scale glazed ceramic murals for site specific facades and interiors, architectural ceramics, terracotta or glazed tiling for kitchens and bathrooms, earthenware studio pottery objects, stoneware kitchen objects, metal work window grills, and wood carved panels for site specific spaces.

Our work is produced to order and involves understanding the aims and ideals of the organisation that commissions work so that we are able to produce products that are representative of their place.

Studio facilities include a large woodfired downdraft kiln, spaces and equipment for hand made and moulded clay work, an electric wheel, traditional hand turned wheels, glaze equipment, and equipment for welding and woodcarving.

Labyrinth employs a group of local crafts men who have been trained in ceramics at the studio.

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