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Sangam (Now Stepwell)

Please visit our new website: Sangam is an education group which runs study tours and education projects in India, managed in the UK by SEC. It runs educational projects which relate to India, and a residential study centre located in a semi rural village close to the city of Bangalore in South India.

Sangam projects

Please visit our new website:

Quick links: Geographical association study tour 2019.

News from Sangam!

We have 15 years of professional experience facilitating study visits, and curating travel experiences in Karnataka and South India. We work closely with educational organisations and travel companies worldwide to organise and facilitate quality educational experiences and travel opportunities within South India. Sangam's work in India is facilitated and managed by 'SEC' within the UK.

Our strength is enabling projects which explore and interpret the cultural geography of our local area, encouraging quality learning programmes, through creativity, using the outdoors.  We began in 2003 in order to create a space for creative discussion and educational development, making connections between India and the wider word, and have been running our educational programmes in India since then.

The word "Sangam" means: a point of meeting; a confluence. Sangam therefore functions as a space where people from different cultures and backgrounds can meet, dialogue and learn from each other. Our backgrounds and interests mean that we are well placed to be able to help to interpret between cultures and facilitate respectful discussion.  Much of the work we do here is creative in some way, and our location and background also has made it possible for us to share a body of ideas and information about India, facilitate learning programmes, and organise journeys of exploration. We are committed to enabling a safe, supported and authentic understanding of our locality through experiential and participatory activities which encourage and enable enquiry based, questioning pedagogies.

We have residential facilities for 25 people in simple, clean and comfortable accommodation based in a wooded garden location in a village north of the city of Bangalore. Alongside facilitating the programme of activities for each group, we organise the catering needs of each project, and the use of our garden spaces, cycles and studio facilities. Our centre is a simple, yet comfortable and homely base for exploring south India.

We are an approved provider of the UK based global learning programme. Our partner education travel company in the UK facilitates the operational logistics of organising student and school visits to our centre in India, and organises ATOL protection for your travel bookings.

Our work includes:

  • Enquiry based science and geography training activities-  teacher workshops
  • Outdoor education activities,
  • School linking projects,
  • Development of teaching resources,
  • Community programmes,


Each group that visits us are given a resource booklet to support their particular programme of activities which include rural and urban case studies, teaching ideas and resources, and interpretation and explanations of Indian culture and traditions, with a focus on the changing and developing social geography and culture of our locality.

Our centre "the land" is very rural and 'outdoorsy', with simple shared  facilities and accommodation. We use our garden and outdoor spaces as much as we can. Visitors come ready to enjoy home cooked food, simple shared community living, and experiences of education outdoors. Our facilities include residential accommodation, gardens cycles, and a pottery studio.

For general inquiries and to register your interest in our study visit programmes, please mail us on

Useful links within our site:

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